Term of Services

We would like to welcome to Condat Solutions, an online Migration and Education Agent Management System developed for medium and small businesses. It will act as your assistant to help you better manage your clients. Below mentioned Term of Services are believed to help you understand about the requirements as service provider and You as a customer.


means these Term of Services
Service Fee
means the annual fee payable by Customer
Private Information
means information stored into this system and exchanged between both parties
means the data stored by Users into our System
Intellectual Property Right
Means the content, trademark, patent, copyright moral right, design and other intellectual property anywhere in the world whether or not registered.
means Migration and Education Agent Management Services provided by us.
means Website www.condat.com.au developed by us.
means agencies who register to use these services
You - Customer
means the Subscribers/agencies

Use of Software

Condat Solutions permits full right to use the services and access into our System via online portal/website. This right includes creating different users granting limited access as per the requirement of your organization.

Your Obligations

  1. Payment Obligations:
    Condat Solutions will issue an invoice for the Service fee on yearly basis on agreed schedule. Invoices will be sent to Customer’s contact details provided by customers via email.
  2. General Obligations:
    You have to use the services and system for own internal business purposes within the boundary of the terms of services mentioned by Condat Solutions published on the website.
  3. Access Conditions:
    1. You have to make sure that all user ids and passwords required to access the services are kept secure and confidential. You have to keep your credentials confidential and if any unauthorized use of your passwords or breach of security, you must notify Condat Solutions and Condat Solutions will reset passwords.
    2. As a condition of these terms of services, while accessing and using the services, You must:
      1. not attempt the unauthorised access to the content which is not related to you.
      2. not misuse the services that may damage the process of the services or the system.
      3. not attempt to modify, copy, adapt, reproduce any part of the system.
    3. You can create required number of users based on subscription type by granting different access levels.
  4. Confidentiality
    We give best effort to protect the private information that you have stored in our system with company standards.
  5. Privacy
    Condat Solutions maintains a privacy policy which defines the obligations of both parties. You can get privacy policy at https://www.condat.com.au/privacy.php.
  6. Data Ownership
    All data that you have entered into our system remains your property until your subscription is valid. Once your subscription expires, you will need to pay one year subscription fee to access your data again.
  7. Data Backup
    We provide our best service to maintain your data and back it up once every month. You can access the last month backed up data from condatbackup.com through your normal log in but we don’t make any guarantees of up to date data or no loss of data.
  8. No warranties:
    Condat Solutions provides no warranty about the services provided and doesn’t warrant that the services will meet your requirements or that it will be suitable for particular purpose.
  9. Limitation of Liability
    To the maximum extent permitted by law, Condat Solutions excludes all liability and responsibility to You in contract, offense, or otherwise any loss or damaging resulting, from any use of or reliance on, the service or website. If You are not satisfied with our services, You sole and exclusive remedy is to terminate these Terms of Services in accordance with Clause 10
  10. Termination
    1. Trail Period After signing up for the first time, you can have access to the system for 30 days’ time period. You will have full access to the system during your trial period. If you choose to continue to use our services, you can renew the subscription through subscription tab and an invoice will be sent to you once you make payment.
    2. Subscription Period Condat Solutions will not provide any refund for any remaining prepaid period Access Free subscription.
    3. Breach We have rights to terminate the subscription in case of any security breach or breach of these terms of Services of Condat Solutions.
  11. Support
    In the case of technical problems, please check the support provided online by Condat Solutions on the Website or failing that email us at support@condat.com.